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Playlist for How to Lecture

Below is a playlist with Kent's 12 "How to Lecture"-videos. Prepare to have your mind blown as Kent takes you on an epic adventure through the land of effective communication and presentation. With his videos, you'll be wielding the power of clarity and confidence, captivating any audience like a master wizard of information!.

Playlist for Research Design

This playlist contains Kent's 10 "Research Design"-videos. As you embark on your scholarly quest, you'll find yourself entangled in the mystical realm of research design. Fear not, for Kent's got your back with 10 enchanting "Research Design"-videos that demystify the magical process of meaningful research. From conjuring up the perfect questions to deciphering the mysterious art of data analysis, you'll lay the foundation for your academic or professional journey. Plus, he'll sprinkle in ethical considerations, proper citations, and the art of effective collaboration – talk about a magical education potion!

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